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Nylon Yarn

nylon yarn manufacturers in india

In India, there are several manufacturers of nylon yarn, but working with the best manufacturers can make a significant difference in the quality and consistency of the product.

The best nylon yarn manufacturers in India use advanced technology and equipment to produce high-quality yarns with consistent characteristics, such as strength, elasticity, and durability.

India is known for its textile industry, and one of the most important components of this industry is the production of nylon yarn. Nylon yarn is widely used in the manufacturing of various textile products, such as clothing, home furnishings, and industrial materials.

These manufacturers also prioritize environmental sustainability and social responsibility, ensuring that their production processes do not harm the environment or exploit workers. They also provide excellent customer service and technical support to their clients, helping them to choose the right yarn for their specific needs and requirements.

The nylon yarn suppliers in India are your best bet if you’re looking for high-quality nylon yarn products. Its vast selection of products, which include nylon filament yarn, nylon thread, N6 UV protected white yarn and high strength multifilament yarn. Nylon 66 yarn, and much more, are renowned for their superior quality.

Working with nylon yarn manufacturers in India has a number of benefits, one of which is their capacity to provide specialised services to customers. They are aware that each business has particular demands and preferences, and they collaborate closely with their customers to create goods that are tailored to their needs. They can design a product that exactly meets your needs, whether you demand a particular yarn kind or colour.

Our partner factories are capable of manufacturing top-quality yarns that satisfy the needs of numerous industries, from the textile to the automotive, fishing nets, ropes, braid, canvas and beyond, thanks to their cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge facilities.

Another advantage of working with nylon yarn suppliers in India is their ability to deliver high-quality products at competitive prices. They have a deep understanding of the market and the competition, and they constantly strive to offer the best value to their customers. This means that you can get the best quality products at affordable prices, without compromising on quality or reliability.

Nylon Yarn is made out of Polymerisation of Caprolactum.

  Available Deniers:

  • 210D/36F,420D/ 70F,630D/ 105F,840D/ 140F,1050D/ 175F
  • 1260D /210F,1680D/ 280F,1890D/280F.
  • N6 industrial filament yarn, multifilament yarn with high tenacity, UV protected, mainly used for manufacturing tyre cord fabric, canvas, ropes.
  • 840D/ 140F,1260D/ 210F,1680D/ 280F,1890D/ 280F
  • N6 high strength multifilament yarn, UV protected, black yarn, mainly used for manufacturing fishing nets, ropes, braid, canvas.
  • 840D/ 140F, 1260D/ 210F,1680D/ 280F,1890D/ 280F.

We offer Nylon 6, but also Nylon 66 as flat yarn (FDY/FOY), POY and textured yarns. The available counts range from dtex 33 up to dtex 300.

All types are available in either bright, semi dull or full dull lustre as well as different cross sections such as round, trilobal, etc.


  • Pre Oriented Yarn
  • Nylon DTY
  • Full Drawn Yarn
  • Nylon High Tenacity Yarn
  • Nylon Chips


  • • Greater resistance to wear and tear
  • • Featherlight
  • • Extreme dimensional stability
  • • Extreme elasticity
  • • It dries quickly and doesn’t need ironing
  • • Nontoxic and non-allergenic
  • • It is extremely resistant to mould, bacteria and insects


Nylon can be used in clothing, fishing lines, slings and rope, used in climbing gear and slacklining, nylon balloons, classical and flamenco guitar strings, paintball marker bolts, racquetball, badminton, squash, and tennis racquet strings, Strings for String instruments. Nylon fibres are used in many applications, including fabrics, bridal veils, carpets, musical strings and rope. High tenacity nylon fibres are used for seatbelts, tire cords, ballistic cloth and other uses.

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