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Polyester Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY) :-

Polyester FDY is the abbreviation for Polyester Fully Drawn Yarn. It is also known as Polyester Filament Yarn (PFY) or Spin Draw Yarn (SDY). Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY) is produced by a process similar to POY manufacturing except that the yarn is produced at higher spinning speeds coupled with intermediate drawing integrated in the process itself.

Fully drawn yarn is a type of yarn that is produced using a specific manufacturing process that results in a stronger and more durable yarn compared to other types of yarn. FDY yarns are commonly used in the production of clothing, bedding, curtains, and other textiles. With their superior strength and durability, FDY yarns are an excellent choice for manufacturers who require high-quality yarns that can withstand the rigors of everyday use.

This allows stabilization through orientation and crystallization. FDY is mainly used as weft or weaves in making fabrics. FDY can be knitted or woven with any other filament yarn to get fabric of various different varieties. It is mainly used in Home Furnishing Fabrics, Fashion Fabrics, Denim, Terry Towel and others.

FDY yarn is mainly available in 3 lustre – Semi-dull (SD), Bright (BR) having circular section & Triloble Bright (TBR) having triangular cross-sections. Filament yarn having trilobal bright lustre is widely used in making curtains, bed-sheets and carpets. FDY is available in Raw-white as well dope dyed. Dope Dyed FDY yarn can be used to make the colored fabric directly instead of making the fabric with FDY Raw-white first & then dyeing it.

Here are some advantages of polyester FDY yarn:

  1. Durability: Polyester FDY yarn is highly durable and can withstand wear and tear, making it ideal for use in products that require long-term durability, such as clothing, upholstery, and industrial fabrics.
  2. Moisture resistance: Polyester FDY yarn has low water absorption, making it highly resistant to moisture and humidity. It is an ideal choice for products that need to be resistant to water, such as outdoor furniture, umbrellas, and awnings.
  3. Cost-effective: Polyester FDY yarn is less expensive than other synthetic fibers and natural fibers, making it a cost-effective option for mass production of textiles.
  4. Colorfastness: Polyester FDY yarn has excellent colorfastness, meaning it retains its color even after repeated washing and exposure to sunlight.
  5. Easy maintenance: Polyester FDY yarn is easy to care for and requires minimal maintenance, making it a popular choice for clothing and other textiles.

If you’re looking for high-quality yarns for your textile business, then you’ve come to the right place! India is home to some of the finest yarn manufacturers in the world, specializing in fully drawn yarn (FDY) production. These manufacturers use cutting-edge technology and the latest manufacturing processes to produce yarns of the highest quality, perfect for a wide range of applications in the textile industry.

When it comes to fully drawn yarn and FDY yarn production, India is one of the world’s leading suppliers. With their cutting-edge technology, skilled workers, and commitment to producing high-quality yarns, Indian manufacturers are the go-to choice for many textile businesses around the world. So if you want to ensure that your textile products are of the highest quality, make sure you choose fully drawn yarn or FDY yarn from an Indian manufacturer today!


  • FDY running on high speed warping, knitting, sizing & looms
  • All FDY spool are with same weight increasing the efficiency and productivity
  • All FDY is intermingled making it capable to run on high speed machines without breakages
  • All FDY spools are equal weigh

APPLICATION Used in Wrapping , Knitting , Sizing & Weaving

Product Details
100% Polyester Filament Yarn [P-FDY]
Denier Filament Luster
20 12 SD
30 12 SD
36 SD
40 12 SD
24 SD
50 24 SD, TBR.
48 SD, TBR.
72 SD, TBR.
56 36 SD, TBR.
68 24 SD, TBR.
75 36 SD, TBR.
72 SD, TBR.
144 SD
100 36 SD, TBR.
48 SD, TBR.
72 SD, TBR.
120 96 SD
150 36 SD, TBR.
48 SD, TBR.
96 SD, TBR.
144 SD, TBR.
200 96 SD
300 96 SD, TBR.
360 96 TBR.
600 192 TBR.
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